The Guard Dog Pet Door Features & Benefits

Installation & Structure Features

Installs like a door lite insert

No glazing required

Simple Screw Frame

Comes with screws and screw hole covers

3-piece frame made entirely of PVC

Extruded PVC for structural integrity

Cellular PVC for insulation

Exterior trim adhered with Cosmo SL-660 PVC adhesive

Installation Specs and Features, 3-piece frame


Single Turn Security Panel

Insulated Fiberglass Panel

Hardened steel lock throw

Hidden Aluminum strike

Panel closes on weather gasketed door stop

Insulated Fiberglass Panels are made from repurposed high quality insulated fiberglass door cutouts.

Door Operates on lift off hinges

Stainless Steel Hinges

Secures open with neodymium magnet

Fits 3/0 door (center mount)

Less than 3/0 lift off panel

Who carries the Guard Dog Pet Door?